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Black Mountain Yoga

Welcome to Black Mountain Yoga, a space to breathe deeply, clear your mind, and build strength through a practice of mindful movement. All of our offerings aim to align your body, mind, and heart in a nurturing space.

Namaste y’all

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Vinyasa, Restorative, Slow Flow, Sculpt, Yin, Kundalini, and more


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Monthly Women's Circle

Sunday, July 21

For centuries, women have gathered for connection, support, and celebration. GATHER is a modern day women’s circle to offer you a sense of community, sacredness, and solace in a woman-only space.
Join Anjali Romaniuk to sing, discuss specific topics related to feminine healing and health, and take the time to listen to each woman who feels called to share.
*Please pre-regsiter!*
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Yoga for Pregnancy

Sunday, July 21

Yoga for Pregnancy is a bi-weekly prenatal yoga class suitable for individuals at all stages of pregnancy. Learn educational tools such as labor and birth positions, breath-work, and tools to calm the body and mind - all essential for an empowered birth.
Through movement, breath-work, and childbirth education, this class will address aches and pains associated with pregnancy, strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, and provide relief and comfort to areas of the body impacted by your growing belly.
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All-Levels Flow Community Class

Sunday, July 21

All-Levels Flow incorporates meditation, movement, and pranayama (breathwork) designed to unify the mind and body. Classes will incorporate floor work, standing, and balance postures with vinyasa movements and transitions. While some aspects of the class may be more challenging and create heat in the body, the goal of this class is accessibility.
This is a donation based offering with a suggested donation of $10 per person, but nothing is required to join for class.
*Please pre-regsiter!*
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The Way of The Magdalene

Going Within

Saturday, July 27

Join Kelly Graham for a unique workshop designed to address the balance of feminine and masculine energies through movement, breathing, sound, guided meditation, and visualization.
This session focuses on the second (sacral) chakra, which houses emotion, passion, rage, and creativity – providing tools to harness and transform these energies for profound expression and healing.

Our Pricing

$9 First Class and $79 First Month Unlimited!

*Membership and intro offer prices increasing on Thursday, August 1st

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Our Sauna

Finnish or Far Infrared Sauna available

Our Boutique

A curated collection of yoga props, clothing, water bottles, local art, and *sometimes* plants

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What our students say

Black Mountain Yoga Testimonial | Black Mountain, NC

"With each visit, I experience a grounding associated with the mind, body, and earth connection. These knowledgeable and experienced instructors create an atmosphere of intention that resonates to my soul, providing me healing, strength, and vitality."


“When I walk through the door, Black Mountain Yoga feels like family. Everyone is so sincerely caring and interested in each other. Each instructor has a beautiful way of bringing the best yoga practice for that particular day that I am able to come. It’s simply amazing!”


“The Black Mountain Yoga studio is home...You provide such a welcoming, nonjudgmental, all-encompassing practice.”


“Black Mountain Yoga feels like home to me. The staff are friendly, warm, and accepting; the yoga studio is beautiful and comfortable; and my fellow students are of all ages. I have become stronger and more flexible – and more calm and mindful. I leave class with a smile on my face and in my heart.”


“In situations both on and off the mat, I am left feeling stronger, more resilient, and empowered after enacting the only meaningful change I can -- conquering and quieting my own mind. And that made all the difference.”