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Black Mountain Yoga

Black Mountain Yoga creates a welcoming space for you to breathe deeply, clear your mind, and build strength through a practice of mindful movement.

Our aim is to give you a moment in your day to align your body, mind, and heart to approach life with refreshed energy.

Namaste y’all.

Our Classes

Our studio is open for in-person classes and we have OnDemand online classes available. You can read our Sick Policy here.

We hope you’ll join us!


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The Way of The Magdalene

Opening Your Heart

Saturday, February 24

The Way of The Magdalene is a unique workshop facilitated by Black Mountain Yoga local, Kelly Graham. Gain insights into Mary Magdalene's profound wisdom and its relevance to our lives today. Explore the concept of "Anthropos" – being fully human – and how to access your innate potential for being fully human.
In this second workshop, we will focus on the fourth, or Heart, Chakra (Anahata) and balancing your masculine energy.
*20% off for monthly members!*

Pangu Yoga

Saturday, March 9

Pangu Yoga is a gentle, healing and mystical style of yoga, accessible to all levels, created by Anisha Desai and world renowned Qi Gong Master, Ou Wen Wei. It combines the benefits of yoga and the life force cultivation aspects of Qi Gong (Pangu Shengong).

Firmly rooted in the principles of love and kindness, the practice of Pangu Yoga's set gentle sequence, special meditation and breathing pattern, allows students to travel deeper into the spiritual, energetic and rich meditative elements being offered.

Kapha Ayurveda Workshop small

Kapha Season

Ayurvedic Yoga Workshop

Saturday, March 16

Dive into the Sister Science of Yoga, Ayurveda, with Kiersten Angelos (500-RYT in Ayuryoga). It is Kapha season which signifies a transition from stillness and stagnation to movement and flow. Together, we'll explore the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, particularly in the context of Kapha season.
Join us as we embark on a journey to align your well-being with the harmonious flow of nature.
*Sliding Scale Pricing*
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Monthly Women's Circle

Sunday, March 17

Join Anjali Romaniuk for GATHER, a modern day women's circle to offer you a sense of community, sacredness, and solace in a women-only space.

Inside these monthly circles, we sing, discuss specific topics related to Feminine healing and Health, and take the time to listen to each woman who feels called to share whatever is in her heart. Often times our deepest healing can come from spaces where we feel seen, heard, and held.

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$9 First Class and $79 First Month Unlimited!

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Black Mountain Yoga Sauna | Black Mountain, NC

Our Sauna

Complement your yoga practice by unwinding in our studio’s dual heat source sauna.

Our Boutique

Shop our collection of yoga apparel, loungewear, mats, and props from brands we love. We’re always refreshing our studio’s selection, so stop by to check out what’s new!

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What our students say

Black Mountain Yoga Testimonial | Black Mountain, NC

"With each visit, I experience a grounding associated with the mind, body, and earth connection. These knowledgeable and experienced instructors create an atmosphere of intention that resonates to my soul, providing me healing, strength, and vitality."


“When I walk through the door, Black Mountain Yoga feels like family. Everyone is so sincerely caring and interested in each other. Each instructor has a beautiful way of bringing the best yoga practice for that particular day that I am able to come. It’s simply amazing!”


“The Black Mountain Yoga studio is home...You provide such a welcoming, nonjudgmental, all-encompassing practice.”


“Black Mountain Yoga feels like home to me. The staff are friendly, warm, and accepting; the yoga studio is beautiful and comfortable; and my fellow students are of all ages. I have become stronger and more flexible – and more calm and mindful. I leave class with a smile on my face and in my heart.”


“In situations both on and off the mat, I am left feeling stronger, more resilient, and empowered after enacting the only meaningful change I can -- conquering and quieting my own mind. And that made all the difference.”